Conveyor belts

Conveyor belts can be made of e.g. PU, PVC, polyolefin, etc. etc. Our primary branches are Nitta, Derco and Sampla Belting delivered directly from our own stock, also we can supply almost every belt branches as BTE, Chiorino, Habasit, Forbo, Volta etc. etc.

For food-industries high hygien needs we can supply high hygien belts with sealed edges. Ask for more

Conveyor belt stylesstockConveyor belt with sealed edgesconveyor belt with spiral jointround and v-beltsbelts with cleats and/or flightsbelts with cleats and/or flights

Power transmission belts

We supply power transmission flat and heavy duty profile belts, manufactured by Nitta, Sampla Belting,
Habasit, Forbo etc. etc.
Also we have finger jointable powertransmissionbelts by Nitta on stock.

Power beltFlat beltflat belt for roller conveyorsheet cutter belts

Curve conveyor belts

Curved conveyor belts and curved conveyor systems. Curved belts with fast delivery time from our own stock! Ask for more details.

Curve conveyor beltCurve conveyorCurve conveyor

Steel / oven conveyor belts

We supply also steel conveyor belts e.g. for bakery ovens. Belts are manufactured in Holland, by Tribelt BV.
Materials can be allmost anything example plain steel, stainless steel AISI 304/316 etc. etc. Ask for more.

Oven beltoven conveyor belt installationOven beltsteel mesh belts


We supply rubberbelts manufactured by world top-brands, wear plate rubbers, rubberglues, accessories and rubberbelt jointing materials, scrapers and mechanical fasteners by Flexco, scrapers, adhesives and vulcanizing materials by T-REX Rubber.

Rubber beltRubber beltRubberbeltsRubberbeltsrollersscrapers

Roller / individual part coatings

Rollers / pulleys can be coated with several materials e.g. different rubbers, polyurethane,
ceramic etc. etc. For e.g. increasing friction or wear resistance as e.g. glass wool blowing-tube lines.
Also we do pulley grinding and correction to desired shapes.

RollerRoller coatingRoller coatingRoller

Special / coated belts and timing belts

Timing belts can also be coated with several materials, cleats, blocks, v-guides, etc.. Polyurethane made timing belts can be jointed at customers plant to keep production brake as short as possible.

Almost everytype of belts can be coated with one or more materials, e.g. increasing wear resistance or flexibility.

timing belttiming belttiming beltspecial v-belt

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